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Entry #1

hello everybody!!

2009-09-17 09:27:44 by alejandrius

Hello!!! I am Alex from Spain!!


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2009-09-17 12:54:52

Hello and welcome to Newgrounds! This comment comes to you all the way from America!

alejandrius responds:

HI ;), I like your art, can you tell me a computer program to paint the draws?

thanks, sorry my english.


2009-09-29 00:00:45

Is an American dollar alot to you?

alejandrius responds:

No more than one Euro


2009-09-29 17:16:50

Bienvenido a NG, ya te envía la respuesta sobre los programas que puedes usar para pintar XP

alejandrius responds:

Muchas gracias, los usaré para mis dibujos.